Thursday, November 12, 2015

News article

I am blogging this because I enjoyed writing it. This is a different type of writing to what I usually do.

Tanki match of the best

When it was boxing day at 4.30 pm at Stadium there was a tanki match to see who's the best. Jfab2004 goes into his garage and changes into hammer and hornet. Jfab2004 get out of his garage. He drives down the ramp and shot Mrchick1 from the behind he flips with all the force. Boom! He exploded. “Shot” said Mrchick1.

Mrchick1 went to his garage and change to mammoth and shaft. He drives up into a high spot and started to aim he saw Jfab2004 bang! He shot Jfab2004 but he did not  explode then he shot Jfab2004. Boom he exploded. Jfab2004 respawned and found himself that he had spawned right beside Mrchick1 he shot and shot then reloaded shot again then Mrchick1 turn his gun, he shot Jfab2004 and then Jfab2004 had his last shot before he reloaded he shot. Bang! Mrchick1 blew up “no” he yelled “I will get you Jfab for this”.
Mrchick1 respawned he drove up to the highest spot he started to aim then Jfab hided from Mrchick1 aimer. Then Jfab sneak up and shot Mrchick1, Mrchick1 turned his gun to aim at jfab Mrchick1 shot Jfab and Jfab exploded and went to respawn.

When Jfab respawn Mrchick1 was already aiming for him Bang! He shot Jfab Jfab had to drive to find a fix box when Jfab got one fix box. Jfab drove and found Mrchick1 he started shooting Mrchick1 then Mrchick1 exploded then the battle had ended. Then the battle was abandoned.

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